Formatting: Times New Roman, font size 12. Double spaced. Reflection should be between 600-750 words.

In this assignment, you will take the opportunity to explore the role played by “ethnicity” in the context of nation-building in a country of your choice. You should first collect a piece of primary source data (i.e. a museum exhibit, monument, national anthem, constitution, political propaganda etc.) that clearly depicts the way in which the ethnic composition of the country was (or was not) translated into the official branding of the nation-state. Then please write a response discussing what role such a depiction might serve in building the nation-state and crafting an “official nationalism”. Who is present or missing from the narrative, and why?
You MUST also include your primary source (a scan, upload, link are all fine).
The reflection must use at least 3 class sources to help frame and discuss the use of ethnicity in the process of identity formation and nation-building. Papers must include a bibliography.

How they see themselves different.

The primary sources can be: Writing, media, music, pictures, comics, monuments, holiday, etc.

Evidence that there is a division

Should include instrumentalism: to what extent elites are mobilizing this divide to obtain some kind of political end.