you use someone else’s words or ideas, in addition to adding the reference to your reference page, you need to cite it within the body of your paper. This is called an In-text Citation. Direct Quotation, Paraphrase, and Summary are the primary methods to include outside sources within a text.Click on this link to read the article titled Writing for publication: Sharing your clinical knowledge and skills (if prompted to login, use the same credentials used to login to the Virtual Campus). Then use the article to complete a summary, paraphrase and direct quotation using APA in-text citations.Please complete the Unit 2 Individual Project Template, which includes the following:Paragraph 1 Summary: To summarize is to restate the main idea(s) of the entire source in your own words. Write one paragraph that includes a summary of the article.Paragraph 2 Paraphrase: To paraphrase is to use information from a source and restate the information in your own words. Write one paragraph that includes paraphrasing something from the article.Paragraph 3 Direct Quotation: A quotation is a statement or a portion of a statement taken from an original text. Write one paragraph that includes a direct quote from the article.