A Cultural Obsession with Horroryou will be writing about the cultural obsession with horror. Not everyone enjoys watching scary movies, but a large number of people do (there is a statistic here, hint hint). When you consider the number of movies made last year, how many were horror? Compared to other genres, how much money does the average horror film gross? With so much horror already in the world, why do people still pay money to be scared? You may also want to explore real-life horrific events and compare them to fictitious portrayals from popular culture. Some real-life examples worth considering are The Crusades, The Challenger Explosion, Hurricane Katrina, The Hinckley Fire, HIV/ AIDS, The Bubonic Plague, The Holocaust, 9/11, serial killers, etc. 
Additional things to consider: haunted houses, escape rooms, adrenaline junkies, horror video games, etc., all revenue based on scaring people.