At its best, anthropology is a reflexive discipline. We study “the other” in part to better understand ourselves. For your exam, I want you to discuss at least three (3) aspects of culture/society with reference to your own society/culture/experience. You may discuss any aspects that are of interest to you: Religion? Ritual? Politics? Organisation of the home? Family? Kinship? In order to gain perspective, I want you to compare your own cultural/social understanding with those of some of the cultures we studied this semester(Haida Gwaii, Hawaii. Highland South America, New Zealand, and Mesoamerica)—in the end, using examples from at least three (3) of these (see “Pro-Tips” below). Remember that the point is not to put value judgments on other peoples, but rather to use your exploration of their similarities and differences to better understand your own society/culture. How does the modern global context influence what you see? How has history shaped these systems? Think deeply.