Write sn essay explaining what was the role of the Chief Executive under the Articles of Confederation?-Why did the States create such a system?-what kind of a Federal government did the Founding Fathers originally contemplate?-Article Two of the Constitution lists the powers of the President under our second system of government. did the role and powers of the President change from the Articles of Confederation.?-Given what you have discovered about the powers of the President, under both the Articles and the Constitution, examine the Administration of Donald Trump. President Trump is being criticized for his response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Where in Article Two is the President authorized to “shut down the economy” and “force the entire population into quarantine”?-if a Representative form of government requires that actions by the government requires the “consent of the governed” to legitimize its actions, how were these actions by the Federal and State governments authorized by the people? Are we living in a “Post-Constitutional” system?