ANTH 153 Introduction to ArchaeologyModule 6 AssessmentFor this module, you have the option of using either Dubois’ article Singa Transitional: Rock-art Saywas Marking Boundaries of Identity and Socializing Landscapeor Pauketat’s article Practice and History in Archaeology: An Emerging Paradigm to answer the prompt questions below. Your answer should address the prompt questions as fully as you are able in essay form using specific examples drawn from the readings.Please note that there is no expectation of you reading and reviewing the professor’s article. I provide it here as an option for those who have expressed interest in the publication. Also understand that there will be no preference as far as grading is concerned. Rubric: Both will be graded according to how they use the information and theories from the article you choose to address the prompt questions and how deeply and carefully your writing demonstrates that your group has engaged with the reading.Prompt:1. Based on what you have learned in lecture, how does the author fit into the theoretical paradigms that you learned about thus far in this class? Do they fit cleanly or are they drawing from multiple perspectives? Use multiple examples drawn from their theoretical arguments and/or interpretations to illustrate your answer.2. What data does the author use to illustrate his point/s? Briefly describe the methodological approach of the author. Does the approach appear sound to you? Do you think the approach will produce a reliable interpretation? Why or why not? 3. What conclusion/s does the author draw based on his review of the data? In your opinion, did the theoretical paradigm that the author falls into (see #1) affect the ultimate outcome of their research? If so, how? 4. Do you think that the theoretical background of a researcher is relevant and/or important? Why or why not? If you thought that the theoretical grounding of the author affected their results (see #3), do you think this makes the results of the study more or less valid? Why? If not, do you think theory matters? Why or why not?