Instructions:This examination consists of four parts:Part 1: Consumer lawPart 2: Personal FinancePart 3: Business cyclesPart 4: List of sourcesChoice of sourcesYou can use your notebook material from:Lesson 1: Labor marketLesson 2: EconomicsLesson 3: Consume and budgetIt can also be a good idea to search for extra information online to complete your knowledge. Then it is important that you do a critical review of your sources. Only select sources that are reliable.PlagiarismWrite entirely in your own words to show me what level of knowledge you have. Read the Plagiarism Handbook if you have thoughts about plagiarism. You can also contact your teacher if you have any questions.Word limit for the entire task: 500 – 800 words.Part 1: Consumer lawSam likes to shop and often buys goods online. But it also means that he sometimes buys things he does not really need or do not want. Now Sam has ordered a new hand mixer for the kitchen. When it arrives after 4 d