Purpose: Report versus essay. Reports are usually needed for business, scientific and technical subjects. Essays usually present arguments and reasoning, a report concentrates on facts. Short (Brief or Case) reports are used to present research covered in other published articles. These reports have a focused message. (Article: Problem in the profession: How and why writing skills in nursing must be improved. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.profnurs.2018.05.005 ) Assignment: Select a disease listed in the text from the chapters which will be covered this semester. (Instructor may pre-approve other diseases.) Prepare a brief report on the epidemiology of the disease. https://uaptc.edu/lac. Submission Refer to any syllabus policy concerning late submissions Submission via Blackboard. Score from SafeAssign may impact grade. EXAMPLE – Written Report Guidelines (includes items not required for this assignment) https://www.columbia.edu/itc/seas/E3810-lab/wreport.html