+Dominant from of masculinity was to promote a heterosexual +physical strength is being valued over intellectual +Masculinity is pushed by society fathers and on carry out by the mothers and surrounding.+ Image is reinforced through media +At a very early age young males are bombared with images of what a real man’s is +And these images are reinforced through these males being seen as desirable to women +Being socialized into hegemonic masculinity leads males to indulge in risk-taking behavior +Young males seeing physicality rather than intellect as pathways to achieving goals +Representations of masculinity in youth cultures as risk-taking and physical +Gang culture and anti-school subculture +The association of heterosexuality and physicality can explain why laddish subcultures in schools use homophobic slurs against those achieved academically while education’s rejection of physical strength over intellect leads to the development of anti-school subcultures+ There is a changing nature of masculinity in contemporary society were male ate encourage to show intellect sensitivity and Compassion for others +Some may argue that this socialization is more likely to occur in the middle rather than the working classes +Concept of hegemonic masculinity also explains the conflict between some males and concepts such as feminism with those vocal in their opposition to feminism seeing it as a cla challenge to their authority and masculinity+ The concept of hegemonic masculinity can be seen as a part of toxic masculinity in the reactions of those socialized into demonstrating hegemonic behaviors and more likely to display toxic behaviors as result of their socialization and this could potentially result in further social issues such as mental health, imprisonment and limited opportunities in contemporary society