Course Book Reference: Business Ethics, William Shaw, seventh edition, Thomson Wadsworth Publishing 2010. ISBN 0-495-80876-8Topic: One of the ethical difficulties surrounding business practice and consumers arises from the opposing moral pulls of consumer protection and consumer choice. As Shaw suggests, Mercedes may build better cars in terms of safety but not everyone can afford one. High government-imposed safety standards might price certain segments of the populace right out of the market. Some argue that as long as one freely chooses their consumer options they should be able to purchase whatever can be made just so long as doing so doesn’t infringe on the liberty rights of others (as we discussed this argument is sometimes used in advocating for the legalization of illicit drugs). Apart from the issue of economic restrictions and equality of opportunity some worry as to the nature of so-called “free decisions” when chemically addictive substances such as nicotine are involved or when advertisers have had access to molding the preferences of consumers since childhood. Write an essay for a general reader that outlines some of the ethical tensions mentioned above. In particular, try to give your audience senses both of how consumer protectionism and consumer choice can seem like good ideas and how they can be in conflict with one another. Make sure the reader can follow the underlying ethical principles behind these two views and what your ultimate position on the matter is and why. Some brief hints on writingThough writing styles can differ quite a bit I find it extremely helpful to guide a general reader (someone unfamiliar with our course or literature) with an introductory paragraph that: presents your problem; offers some initial suggestions as to why it is interesting and important; and, advances a specific and identifiable thesis regarding the problem’s resolution. Also, whatever your considered view turns out to be, it makes your case stronger when you take opposing views seriously. In addition to filling out your argument, this is a helpful way to show your reader why the topic is interesting and important.