Project: CPR – A Life Saving Skill Medical interventions such as CPR save lives on a daily basis. These medical interventions are applied by trained emergency medical professionals. Many organizations are now recommending that civilians also learn CPR, specifically a compression-only technique (CCR) in which artificial respiration is not given along with chest compressions. In this exercise, you will research why compression only technique is now recommended and write an essay describing your findings. Instructions Using the internet, conduct research on compression-only CPR (CCR). Identify at least 4 sources you would like to use and get approval from your instructor. Once you have received approval for your sources, conduct research. Write down any relevant facts and make sure to answer the following questions. This is not an exhaustive list – you should also detail any additional interesting information you find. These questions are simply a guideline: What is compression only CPR? How are CCR and CPR different and similar? What are the advantages of CCR? Why do agencies recommend CCR for civilians? Is CCR also recommended for professionals? Why or why not? Once you have completed your research, write a 500 word essay comparing and contrasting CCR and CPR. Make an argument for which of these techniques you think is superior and why.