Assignment objectives: The purpose of this assignment is if for the student to disseminate their review of nursing literature with their classmates and to discuss their findings in a scholarly manner1. Review recent nursing research literature in the area selected.2. Summarize findings for all selected articles.- A minimum of 2 research articles (articles to be used are included) will be reviewed by each student 3. Discuss the critical appraisal of the evidence for each article. – Summarize the overall types of studies that have been conducted (AACN III: 5)- Summarize the characteristics of study subjects.- Summarize characteristics of interventions.- Provide a synthesis of research findings across studies. (AACN III: 4)- Discuss the usefulness of applying evidence-based treatment into clinical practice based on the synthesis of the studies. (AACN II:6)- Decide whether to apply the evidence, consider using the evidence or not use the evidence and justify your answer (AACN III: 7)