Please I will really appreciate it if I receive this assessment before 5amThank you!1) Leadership Assessment AssignmentChoose a leader that you have followed in your own life. This person may be someone you respected or found difcult. Write an assessment of the person’s leadership style and incorporate responses to the following points:What was the leader’s role in the group/organizatonnWhat type of group did this person leadnWhich leadership style/approach did the person usenWhat was the person’s communicaton stylenWhat do you think motvated the leader’s communicaton style with the teamnWhat did the leader’s membership perceive about him/hernWas the person an efectve leadern Did the membership willingly follow or did they only do so because of the power diferentalnWhat was efectve about this leadern What was not efectvenHow do you think the leader could have improved their skills?2) Conflict Resoouttion CiitiuteEvery story (books, movies, plays, etc.) has a confict. hoose one of your favorite stories and write a 1-2page critiue of the story’s confict and how it was resolved.Be sure to address the following points in your analysis:What is the conficttWhat were the underlying reasons for the conficttWhat were the potental conseiuences if the confict didn’t get resolvedtWhat were the resoluton stylessresponses of the characters involved in the conficttHow was the confict resolvedt Include ideas discussed in class.Did any of the characters have to step out of their comfort zone to come to the resolution.