Write about the food and food traditions of early humans. This took a number of forms: tools like the Chopping Tool and the Hand Axe helped people acquire a variety of foods; the Clovis Spear Point and the Swimming Reindeer came from cultures that hunted; the Egyptian Cow Sculpture and the Mayan Maize God came from sedentary people who farmed and raised animals; and the Bird-shaped Pestle and the Jomon Pot helped us understand how people prepared food for themselves and others. For this assignment, think about the objects in your life that relate to food in a similar way to those from the module. If you were show someone one object that might help them understand the importance of food and food traditions in your life, what would it be? Why did you choose that object? What would people learn from it? Objects are : Swimming Reindeer Bird-Shaped Pestle Egyptian Clay Cattle Mayan Maize God Statue Jomon Pot