View the “Guide to Writing an Annotated Bibliography” below for precise instructions
for creating the entries
• Read ahead about the Final Paper and prepare for it or, for now, select one area of
o Mise-en-scène of a scene
o Cinematography in a scene
o Editing of a scene
o Sound in a scene
o Technology used by a movie
o Economic and historical placement and/or influence of a movie
o Etc.
• Write a thesis statement that narrows the scope of your project. This is a single
sentence that states the theme that you are going to investigate. See OWL Purdue for
more information
• Locate 6 potential sources; 2 of which must be either scholarly books or articles
from an academic journal. The remaining 4 may be web-based. Only ONE of these
web sources can be an encyclopedic site, e.g., Wikipedia,,
Britannica online, etc. If in doubt, use the C.R.A.P. test to assist you in assessing the
validity of the source.
Note: you are not allowed to use the textbook as a source.
• E-books are acceptable sources, as are online journals such as the Film-Philosophy
• An example of a web-based, non-encyclopedic site is