Write a Soap Note done on a case of Osteoporosis, Chronic Kidney Disease, Hypothyroidism, Rheumatology, case. You will need to do the Soap note of the Blank Soap note template i will attach. Please, also use the forms that I will send you as guidance to do the SOAP NOTE and a guide to doing a history and physical as guidance as well. Please follow close attention to all the resources I have attached to help with the soap note as my professor is strict and take a lot of point off the soap note assignment. Also, follow close APA formatting she is strict on that. Also, the plagiarism report needs to be less than 15% otherwise is a failed paper. Please, adhere to all the instructions to the T. if you have any questions let me know. I will also provide the class book information to access the book.

Link: https://www.fadavis.com/home

If for any case you are unable to access the book this is the book information maybe you can find it online.

• Dunphy, M. L, Winland-Brown, E. J, Porter, O. B, & Thomas, J. D. (2015). Primary Care: Art and Science of Advanced Practice. (5th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis Company.
• ISBN: 978-0-8036-6718-1