Write a short academic essay on the PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) method; You must evaluate and critically analyse PRINCE2, highlighting: The various aspects, principles and processes of this methodology; Its potential integration with other techniques; How PRINCE2 compares with the PMBoK, emphasising differences, advantages and disadvantages between the two methods; The total word count should fall between 1,000 You should use peer reviewed papers and journal articles as sources for the essay, contrasting views from different authors and also expressing your own opinions and interpretations; A full list of references must be provided (Harvard style); According to Thottam (2016), ?the newspaper should develop online newspapers in tandem with the traditional paper, so that the online product complements, rather than replaces the primary product?. According to Thottam (2016), digital and printed newspapers could and should coexist in harmony, with no need for one replacing the other.