Assessment Information

This assignment is an individual presentation.

This assignment requires you to complete the below assignment task.

A continued decline in value sales of men’s haircare and skincare is creating a challenging environment for both brands and retailers. Savvy shopping habits are putting downward pressure on prices in both categories, and men still favour a basic routine. Opportunities to reinstate growth in the market lie in personalisation, product curation and education (Mintel Report: UK Men’s Haircare and Skincare March 2020).

You have been approached with a short research brief from a client, Nivea:
“Although we are still the #1 brand in the Men’s Haircare and Skincare sector we are not complacent. We know that competitors are bucking the trend and improving sales, and we want to know why and what our business needs to do to re-engage our customers and brand. We invite creative agency proposals to a competitive pitch process and hope to award the successful agency with a contract to carry out research to understand more about our consumer’s behaviour.
We aim to receive research findings by the end of August 2021, in order to assist the marketing team with their strategic planning.”

Your proposal pitch must include:

– Agency name
– Background to the problem (show the client that you have taken on board the context of their problem; do not simply reproduce the information given within the brief, use secondary research to demonstrate your understanding)
– Proposed research objectives (to be achieved if the agency is selected by the client)
– Recommendation of one primary data collection approach suitable to address the brief
– Sampling details
– Indication of timings for the proposed research
– Consideration of research ethics
– References (remember to include in-text citations and a slide containing your references at the end of your presentation)

You must include a range of research in all answers; this may include relevant concepts and theories from textbooks, journal articles, websites, and market research databases such as Mintel, company or industry sources. References should use CU Harvard referencing or APA referencing style.

Checklist for Assessment

1. Demonstration of understanding of the client brief
2. Clarity and appropriateness of research objectives
3. Recommendation of primary data collection approach
4. Suggested sampling approach
5. Logic of timescale
6. Consideration of ethical issues

Criteria for Assessment

The table on the following pages serves as the specific grading guide to assist you in preparing, structuring, presenting and evaluating your own work. Tutor feedback will include specific remarks on strengths and aspects for improvement as well as overall comments on the assignment as a whole.

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

1. Analyse and apply the marketing research process to a range of data in order to provide solutions to a given marketing brief.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the similarities and differences between primary and secondary research.
3. Retrieve and analyse data from sources such as the Office for National Statistics, Mintel, and other databases relevant to a given marketing brief.
5. Reference all sources at an appropriate level.