Details of research project: Research Project – Pick a childhood disorder that has a DSM V diagnosis (see your textbook or DSM V manual). Research that disorder using professional journal articles (available through Troy library). Describe the following: 1) A thorough desсrіption of the disorder and how it affects children and/or adolescents. Give the diagnostic criteria for the disorder (available in your textbook and DSM V manual). 2) Any disorders which co-occur with the disorder you researched, and how that complicates diagnoses as well as behavioral presentations and symptoms. 3) how the disorder is treated. Be thorough with treatments and their effectiveness. 4) Prognosis: if a child is diagnosed with this disorder, how likely is it that the disorder will improve over time? If not, what will the disorder look like into adulthood or later in life? 5) Find a case study of the disorder you chose (this is usually in research articles but it can be a person you know ) and tell their story of living with the disorder and how it has impacted their life. The project will be turned in using a link provided under Week Eight Modules. Each answer to each question should be thorough. Each page will be double spaced and 12 point font. Each question is worth 20 points for a total of 100 points for the assignment. Each page is worth 10 points. Provide references used to answer the questions on a separate page, labeled “References”. Cite the references by using APA format as you are writing the answers as well as for the Reference page. After submitting the assignment, you will be able to access your paper via the link where you turned it in if it has been submitted correctly. Make sure you read and understand all rules against plagiarism before completing this assignment (see below). This assignment may be turned in early, but not late! No exceptions, as it is available all term, and it can’t be graded in time if this assignment is late.