Anthropology Exploration Project (directions/submit projects here for grading)No unread replies. No replies.The Anthropology Exploration Project requires you to study some aspect of culture in your community (or a place you will visit) and provide a written assessment of your work while drawing on the framework of cultural anthropology. Your final product should be formatted in a style like a web-based article (similar to the articles with hyperlinked text, photographs, bold font where appropriate, etc.) but submitted as a discussion board posting. Approach it like an essay paper with proper formatting, spelling, and grammar, as points may be deducted for any deficiencies.Some suggestions for sites where you to visit to gather data/take photographs:A cultural or ethnic restaurant, market, place of worship, celebration/festival, and/or community centerUrban artCommunity gardeningFolk musicMuseumHistoric siteCemeteryTourism siteItems to focus on: cultural foods, art, clothing, plants, music (musical instruments/live performance), or any other items of material culture (or associated with symbolic culture).This will be worth 20% of your course grade with each section below counting 1/4 each. You will need to:1. Include at least four photographs (be sure that you are granted permission prior to taking the photograph). Even though this is worth 1/4 of the grade, this part needs to be completed in order for your project to be accepted. See below for instructions on how to post your photographs in your discussion draft/reply.2. Provide a description of what is featured in the photographs (a couple of statements about each photograph at about 1-2 paragraphs total).3. Apply the framework of cultural anthropology to your subject matter, clearly citing key concepts, theories, methodologies, comparative studies, etc. (about 1-2 paragraphs total).4. Search for a research article and a recent news story that is related to your topic and discuss the relevance.