Video Going Over Research Paper Assignment in Detail (Links to an external site.)Assignment: Write a research paper on a debatable topic that warrants academic research. You must choose from ONE of the two prompts listed below. The topic you choose must have a significant amount of research available for it. Remember, this is an argumentative essay. As such, a strong thesis statement is critical to your paper’s success. Note:The English 101 curriculum requires that all students complete an 8+ page research project at some point in the course. I have altered the assignment slightly so that you are still writing 8 pages, but not all of it has to be a research paper. Everyone needs to submit at least 8 full pages of writing, total. If an 8 page research paper is too much, you may submit a 6 page research paper (with a Works Cited page that has at least 4 sources), and a 2 page reflection (all in MLA format). The 2 page reflection should be submitted as a separate document here, and can be titled “Research Paper Reflection”. This reflection can be in first person point of view and should highlight what topic you are writing about, why you chose this topic, how you conducted your research for this topic, and what kind of research you found. Write a research paper about an unconventional/not-very-well-known cure, treatment, or solution for a sickness, ailment, or disease of some sort. You may not write about COVID-19 or anything related to the Coronavirus for this prompt. Your paper should highlight why this cure/treatment is effective and should implement appropriate academic research to support your claim. Remember, all of your research must come from scholarly sources and most of it should come from research databases and/or the MSJC library website. Remember, you are not writing your paper about a sickness or disease; your paper is about a lesser-known treatment or cure for that sickness/disease. Write a 6 to 8 page research paper about a new (or relatively new) technological advancement that benefits the educational field. Make sure to focus your paper; does this technology impact colleges? Elementary schools? Teacher training?!