You are invited to write an 8-12 page paper that will analyze a case study by applying two social work theories, perspectives, approaches, or lenses to explain human behavior in the social environment of the case. In particular, you will focus on using two theories to explore a social justice topic/issue within that case study (racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, poverty, etc.) Your final paper will include the following elements (though they need not be strictly in this particular order; analysis at the macro, mezzo, and micro level can be presented in whatever order makes the most sense given your thesis). In some cases, it may be easier to start with the big picture and trace how the ism in larger society impacts all of the other levels including the individual. In other cases, it may be easier to start with the individual and work your way up. The paper will include:

Title page
Introduction which presents both your thesis and the case (not to exceed 250 words)
Analysis of the case at the macro level
Analysis of the case at the mezzo level
Analysis of the case that interpersonal/micro level
Conclusion including implications for social work practice
Appendix which includes either an ecomap or a genogram, any figures or tables references in the text and evidence of consultation in the creation of this assignment