You are starting with a new company as part of a team tasked with adding a new office for the company in another state. You will advise the leaders of the team and the company on what needs to be done in order to bring this task to fruition. Your team leader has asked you to communicate your progress via memos attached to an email.There are three sample memos below to help you get started. Upload your Memos 1–3 to Blackboard for grading. Cite any sources, including tools such as an IP calculator.Memo 1 sample.Memo 2 sample.Memo 3 sample.Choose a fictitious name for your company. Do not use a real company or search the internet for a company name. If you can’t think of one, just use your last name and the name of your favorite dessert. For example, Jones Key Lime Pie Corporation. You will choose all the variables in this assignment.InstructionsMemo 1: Networking EquipmentFor your first assignment, your boss has asked you to be prepared to create some subnets. Initially, the new company location will start up with 4 departments, but over the next one to five years, there will be new teams of people that could grow. You can always do more subnetting later, but for now; your boss has asked you to decide how many subnets to start with. Don’t forget to make room for growth.Choose a number of subnets between 5 and 32 and report that number back to your boss in Memo 1. Tell your boss what you chose and why. For example, why did you pick “X” subnets? How many hosts will each subnet accommodate? How many extra subnets will be available if you choose this number? What is the subnet mask? These are all important considerations.Choose a random class “C” IPV4 IP address and run it through a subnet calculator or subnet it yourself. Present a list of subnet IPs and Broadcasts for each of your subnets to your boss in the form of a table. Include the number of hosts that will be AVAILABLE on each subnet. Remember the subnet IP and broadcast IP are not available to assign to hosts.Note: If you use a subnet calculator, include the complete web link to this tool so your instructor can check your work.Memo 2: Network SetupAssuming the new office location is going in one building, describe your network. What is the topology like? How will you manage the traffic? What protocol will you use for IP addressing and how will you configure the switch(es) with the chosen protocols? Be sure to include a complete list of commands you will use.Also, your boss wants you to provide the plan you have for securing the passwords. Specify which appliance(s) you’re securing, its password, and your plan for levels of security.Memo 3: LicensingCisco is very particular about licensing. It’s important for companies to keep careful records on licensing of their IOSs and your boss has asked you to explain the importance of this as well as your plan for configuring the licensing on the hardware needed for this project.In your third memo to the boss, describe licensing considerations. Be thorough in your description of licensing requirements and include your thoughts on how you will maintain the licenses needed for this new location.This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment is:Create a network diagram and business proposal for the leadership requirements of a network project.