Final Research Project Your final paper will be six to seven pages that meets the following three rhetorical goals: It develops your own original idea with a theme of monsters. It incorporates 6-10 sources, with at least one essay from our class book, Monsters, and two scholarly sources. It exhibits a firm grasp of MLA style including format and documentation. Your essay grade will reflect how thoroughly you have met all three of these goals as well as the quality/clarity of your prose and your control at the paragraph and sentence level. A properly formatted Works Cited is required. As with your initial draft, highlight the thesis statement and the topic sentences. Please use examples from these essays: -Life among the undead: An interview with Neil Jordan by Declan McGrath -From Dracula by Bram Stoker -Curse by a Bite by Matt Kaplan -Why Vampires Never Die by Guillermo del toro and Chuck Hogan -Why We Crave Horror Movies by Stephen King -The Birth of Monster by Daniel Cohen