Using the Prezi link on the left hand menu, you will follow the instructions to create a Prezi© presentation to demonstrate your personal strengths and opportunities to develop as an innovative DNP-prepared leader. Your Prezi© will include your current strengths as a leader and innovator, including your personal leadership philosophy and plan to apply and advance those skills in your proposed clinical scholarly project and in the DNP-prepared leadership role while you look ahead to future professional activities. You will also show areas of opportunity to develop innovation, scholarship and leadership qualities that are not presently your strengths, and plans for creating those opportunities in the DNP-prepared leadership role. You will use course readings, outside references and the DNP Essentials to support your evaluation and plans.

-My proposed clinical scholarly project is “ how manually turning and repositioning chronically ill adult patients every two hours compare with automatic bed turning and repositioning may reduce the development of pressure ulcers over a 40-day period
-Besides outside references use also fifth edition Quantum leadership: Creating sustainable value in health by Tim Porter-O’Grady and Katlly Malloch