How longer mourning periods could benefit societies

Importance and ways of bringing people together during COVID – 19

Should students pay full tuition during the pandemic?

Should college athletes get paid?

Is there a rational argument to not wear a mask during a pandemic?

Benefits of social media us in education

At what point was America Great?

Should animals and sea creatures be made spectacle in zoos and aquariums?

What is a reasonable age for recreational use of the Internet?

Once you choose your topic, begin developing your thesis statement. This is a graded assignment, does have a due date and submission folder within Assignments.

Remember, to develop a clear and focused thesis statement, be sure to use the rule of three. Like this: College in the US should be free because everyone has the right to education, the United States should want educated people as its citizens, and the benefits are clearly noticeable across the globe in countries where all education is free.