Performer ProfileYou are the Vice President of Sales for a major soft drink company. You are preparing the written portion of a semi-annual Personal Performance Review for your Eastern Regional Sales Director.The Director, Bob Melvin, was previously one of the company’s best field sales people and has worked for the company for 15 years. He is 45 years old. You are 38 years old and passed him in the corporate pecking order three years ago when you were promoted to your current position. Based upon what you’d seen of Bob’s effectiveness as a salesman, you promoted him to his current position 18 months ago. However, this is the first time you’re giving him any formal feedback.Bob Melvin Good Points:As noted above, Bob was one of the company’s best salesmen. He actually contributed to your own training when you joined the company 8 years ago. His strengths:- Technical sales proficiency- Articulate. Writes and speaks well- Effective on his feet- Personable and engaging with a good sense of humor – Did a great job developing the company’s new Sales Training Program- His Region just managed to beat their sales targets for the fiscal year – Is – at least used to be – a very hard workerHis weaknesses:- He doesn’t delegate very well, tends to do anything of importance by himself- Seems to have developed a tendency to micro-manage his people- He can be a little too “political”- He doesn’t seem to be working as hard since his promotion- YOU think that there are indications that he and his team will haveproblems meeting the upcoming fiscal year sales plan – based on theiremerging track record.Punch Line: You want to use this performance review to try and get Bob and his team on track – without demoralizing him in the process.