Write a paper In first person (I) – about three pages about yourself as a leader. The paper must include not necessarily in this order: 1) your definition of leadership and some of your core values as a leader, Please do not be cliche and try to be creative but concise. 2) a metaphor about yourself as a leader and why you chose this, This is an example of a metaphor: when I described myself as a tree, on the first day, with deep roots but all the flowers were the excitement and growth I love from new experiences, and the branches helping others? That is a metaphor. So think about yourself, your story about your life that is important for you to share, how you′ve grown as a leader in life. Some people choose flowers or plants, or butterflies or wolves, airplanes, whatever. A phoenix, etc. 3) a personal story about your background, experience that explains who you are and why you are the way you are (if you have something particular about a certain leader who is a role model you can include that as well), Try to make something nice up. I will write a little about how I am. I try to be fair but I am also empathetic. I try to understand where people are coming from. I am motivating. I struggle to remain calm during stressful situations so that is something I need to work on. 4) Your Leadership Superpower and how you want to use it, My superpower is that I am a fair person and I always try to make rational decisions. Just try to explain how being this way can be beneficial. Please try to make all parts cohesive.