Use the visual art terms to make observations from the photos you have taken using your memory of the experience as well as the physical record of your photo.2. Links for three Museum websites with interactive display of artworks are below. These three are the only online sources accepted for the Museum Review.If you do not have your own photos from a past museum visit, use interactive information from the museum website below. You must find artworks on the museum website that have been recorded so that you are able to enlarge or zoom in to see close detail as well as zoom out to see the intact, full image. Be sure to write the name of the museum whose website you used in your essay. Name the artist and the art works.Take screen shots of the artwork to include into your Review so that the instructor can see the objects you are reviewing. Talk about 2 to 4 pieces of art from one of the Museum websites. Compare and contrast the form, style, medium and visual meaning using the terms and visual art terms learned in the course material.Talk about everything you see, not historical facts.