Write a letter to a local legislator detailing your findings regarding food insecurity in your area. Your letter should correctly identify a State legislator or local Council Person for your advocacy. The letter should be addressed and formatted correctly. Be sure to include your map and other useful materials that you have developed to include in the advocacy letter.The map I will include, you are going to do research on the food insecurity of Philadelphia, and write a one page letter. The local council president is Darrell L. Clarke. I will send a copy of a past letter from pervious class, so that you have an better understanding. Please professional writing. Thank you 100%. I forget to include my zip is 19115, Northeast Philadelphia. I’m a social work student.Another example:DateName of Legislator or addresseeTitleAddressSalutation (Dear ______ ) Address using their title: Representative Smith, Senator Smith, Councilperson Smith, Mayor Smith…1st Paragraph: Let the reader know what your concern is.2nd Paragraph: You need to let the reader know the importance of your concerns and any impact the concern may have on the community.3rd Paragraph: Thank your reader for taking the time to read your letter and make sure you re-state your concern. Provide a way for him to respond to your letter. Always add that you look forward to hearing their response on the issue. Now they know you expect an answer.Sincerely,Your NameYour AddressPhone numberEmail address