Documentation is a means of communication between and among professionals and is used for purposes of quality improvement and reimbursement. Therefore, documentation must be complete and accurate. However, technology has also given rise to new security concerns in terms of documentation. In your reading and the activity below, we will revisit concepts of HIPAA that we learned earlier in the semester and consider them in conjunction with the emergence of new electronic technologies. Read Chapter 25 in your Arnold & Boggs (2020) text entitled “Documentation in Health Information Technology Systems”. I will provide you with the chapter. I will upload the chapter on the file. Read the scenario found on page 1258 of your Arnold & Boggs (2020) text entitled: Ethical Dilemma: What Would You Do? Answer the following questions:Identify at least 2 alternate ways to deal with this ethical dilemma.What ethical principle can you cite to support each answer?Ethical dilemma case :A coworker mentions that a staff nurse you both know, Alice1258Jarvis, RN, has been admitted to the medical floor for some strangesymptoms and that her laboratory results have just been posted inher electronic health record (EHR), showing she is positive forhepatitis C, among other things.You can use another reliable source in regards of HIPPA rules or this case. As a source it will be the chapter that i will provide you and other source you can use from online that is reliable in regards of HIPPA rules for patients.