According to the Human Security Report Project 2015, Islamic Governments and networks have committed the most extreme acts of terror (Guerrero, 2018). Social forces or circumstances particular to a religion (Guerrero, 2018) also influence terrorism. In my opinion domestic terrorism occur for the type of rule in a country. Guerrero (2018) states that domestic terrorist groups are found more often in democracies than authoritarian countries, according to a Human Security Report Project 2015. I think that an American can become angry at their country because of the government’s policies and the state of security. A country whose political direction and priorities has been dominated with war and loss of lives. . Student #1: One religious factor that impacts terrorist issues is that because acts of terrorism have happened on every continent, these perpetrators come from diverse religions, as well as different ethnic groups. The political impact that impacts terrorist issue is that terrorism affects two political areas which is the overall distribution of political power and government policies. Terrorism can change relations with the state and their rules. Because of terrorism, the government has improved intelligence and security procedures. As scary as it sounds, terrorism can lead to the replacement of one government by another. To bypass terrorism, Congress passed the PATRIOT act (2001) which made a separate counter-terrorism fund which helped expand government authority to gather and share evidence of terrorism with electronic communication and also allowed agencies to detain suspicious foreign terrorists. In my opinion, domestic terrorism occurs because terrorists like to target large countries because these countries are likely to have more power. the United States for example is a large country with a great amount of power, which is why we see many terror attacks.When our rights are infringed, we tend to become angry at our country to defend ourselves. For example, the gun ban will likely turn into a great war, because Americans are angry at the fact that we will have a gun ban, so we will likely create war (riot).. Student #2: There are many different religions and not everyone believes in any, but certain religions think of terrorism as a good thing that can help people. Those religions that believe in terrorism tend to get upset because people judge their beliefs or don’t believe which triggers anger in some believers. The political side is not as complex as the religion side because we should look at what has happened this year with all of the riots and burning of buildings and murders which was declared a sign or terrorism. The people who get upset with politics tend to get upset because people don’t believe what they want them to believe in their political views and that’s not how it works because we all have an opinion. Domestic terrorism occurs in my opinion because people can’t control their emotions of other people’s opinions and leave good enough as it is. People act out and commit domestic terrorism because they can’t control their anger, or they believe there is a purpose but the fact is there isn’t it just hurts people. Americans are angry over little things especially politics when they don’t do their research and say the wrong things about certain parties and then act out when the truth is told.