1. The research notes will be attached
2. The file will include an
o Intro of the subject
o Two main Muslim female scholars
o A comparison of the two
o A conclusion

The Summary
3. The summary should be discussing the larger image in the intro which is female Muslim scholarship in West Africa (HAVE A CLEAR THESIS)
4. My part of the project was on Nana Asma’u,
o Therefore, the summary MUST focus more on her
o However you MUST include a brief discussion of Maryam Niasse too (like a paragraph or two)
5. Then start talking about Nana Asma’u with a connection to the larger image
6. By the end of the summary there must be a brief comparison of the two scholars (Nana & Maryam)
7. Lastly, the conclusion is just a restate of the larger subject (female Muslim scholarship in West Africa)


– Female scholars in west Africa
– Briefly talk about Maryam Niasse
– Who is Nana Asma’u
o Her role in female west African scholars
o Her contributions
o Her role in education
– Comparison between both scholars
– Restate the larger image and the thesis.