Write a critical review and analysis on any battle, campaign, or Leader. You should think of the rest of your review and analysis paper as an effort to answer the five “W” questions about the subject: who, what, when, where, and most importantly, why? 4. In the first three-quarters of your paper, you should summarize the subject in narrative form, using answers to the first four “W’s” as a guide to your writing. Do not cover each question individually; instead, be sure to write an integrated narrative, in which you blend consideration of the first four ″W′s″ so that the reader perceives them all as constituting a smoothly related and well-written story. In other words, provide the historical context within which the battle and/or campaign occurred, the actions of the armies and their leaders during the battle and/or campaign, and the historical results of the battle and/or campaign. Your further objective here is to reassure the instructor that you understand the material. 5. In the final one-quarter of your review and analysis, you should answer the fifth and most important “W,” why. To better enable this subtask, you could choose one of the principal Army leaders involved in the battle and/or campaign and compare his leadership and decision-making to the U.S. Army’s Leader Attributes and Core Leader Competencies enumerated in Chapters 2-5 of ADP 6-22 Army Leadership, which can be found on the MSL 391 Blackboard site. Choose two to three of the attributes and/or competencies and compare your leader’s performance to them. For example, did your leader: a. Establish and impart clear intent and purpose? b. Use appropriate influence techniques to energize others? c. Understand spheres of influence, means of influence, and limits of influence? d. Lead with confidence in adverse situations? e. Execute plans to accomplish the mission? f. Identify and adjust to external influences on the mission or taskings and organization? These are but a few of the many attributes and core competencies you could choose. 6. How well you handle English, meaning demonstrating proficiency in such areas as spelling, grammar, and punctuation, will help shape your grade.