You will write a 10-12 page paper analyzing one organization’s HR functions and approach. The idea here is simply to document and critique what this organization is doing, where they have been, where they are going, and where you think they should go. Some guidelines:The paper is meant to be integrative, so you should analyze/investigate concepts from at least 4 weeks/topics in our course.Since you are analyzing the “whole thing,” you need to have a view on the business and corporate strategy of the organization and how the HR strategy fits in with it.The paper is meant to be critical (not judgmental, but taking a fine look at what you think they could do better).You should have 3 publicly available sources and at least 2 interviews to support your analysis. of the 2 interviews, one must be from inside the company and from someone who has a good view/perspective on HR. I would prefer the other to be from inside as well, but would accept a representative from a service provide or consultant, for example. If the 3 publicly available sources becomes too difficult, I am open to swapping as many as two of them for more interviews. Let me also say this…I think a good meaty interview is probably 45 minutes in length. If you can truly spend 90 minutes with someone who gives you enough information to cover at least 4 weeks of the course, I am open to that counting as 2 interviews.I recognize that some of you are targeting small companies who have the dual challenge of not having a lot of press (public sources) or HR people (internal interviews). So, for companies under 200 employees, I will allow the following: 3 sources, of which one must be a senior person inside the orgnization responsible for HR with whom you have a clearly very substantive interview. The other two sources may be any mix of more internal interviews, news articles/publicly available sources or interviews with service providers/consultants.The paper is meant to be analytical, but also an assessment of how well you have learned the material in this course. So, therefore, when writing about concepts in the course, be sure to show that you understand them by expanding upon them a bit.