The four key personal components of psychopathology are: Loss of freedom and ability to consider alternatives Loss of genuine personal contact Loss of connection with one’s self and the ability to live in a productive manner Personal Stress (Ray, pg. 3). In a 1 – 2 paragraph post that analyzes the four key personal components of psychopathology, integrate your perspectives, experiences, and our readings, and respond to the following questions (keep your responses in the same numbered format that you see below): 1. Why do stigmas arise in regards to mental illnesses? 2. What impacts do stigmas have on individuals with psychopathology as well as their families, communities, and society as a whole? Share your thoughts on the evidence for cultural differences in psychopathology. Please share examples that you’ve observed or read about. Discussion Instructions The course will consist of weekly discussion questions. The purpose of the discussion is for the learner to demonstrate critical thinking, common sense, creativity, and research abilities in providing a response that illustrates higher levels of thinking. Discussion questions should also contain a learner’s experience and ability to use reflection to apply the topics within the discussion question. Your initial post needs to be 300 – 500 words. It needs to be well organized in paragraph format (4-6 sentences per paragraph), professionally written, contain minimal grammatical or spelling errors, and be supported using APA formatted citations and references. After you have drafted your initial post, post two questions to the class and respond to a minimum of three of initial posts on three separate days. Each of your responses needs to be a minimum of 75 – 100 words in length, and should expand on a point made by your classmate, pose a pertinent question about your classmate’s posting, and/or discuss an opinion or fact presented by your classmate. Please feel free to respectfully challenge the original post by presenting new data or contrasting viewpoints – do not simply agree with every student you respond to. Outcome Alignment MLO 2 – Describe the components of and key considerations of psychopathology (Aligns with CLO 1) MLO 3 – Explain how culture is relevant to psychopathology (Aligns with CLO 1) MLO 15 – Discuss the stigmas in mental illnesses and their impact on the individual, family, and society (Aligns with CLO 3) Assessment Please review the PSY105 Discussion RubricPreview the document for detailed information regarding the grading criteria for this assignment. Initial Response is due by TUESDAY (Day 4) Peer responses are due by SATURDAY (Day 7) Image credit: (Links to an external site.)