1. Why did the population of Eastern Europe decline following World War 2? Expain your anser in a paragraph with supporting examples.2. What accounts for the extreme variations in temperature and low levels of percipitation that occur in much of the interior of Russia?3. Identify four characteristics that made the Northern European Plain attractive to early settlers and list the advantages for each.4. Read the excerpt from an article the global water crisis. Do you think Northern European countries have done enough to protect the Baltic Sea ecosystem? Write a paragraph explaining your reasoning, using examples to support your response.”But there is a new danger to the eagle and many other marine species:An explosion of microscopic algae called phytoplankton has inundated the Baltic’s sensitive waters, sucking up oxygen and choking aquatic life. Though a natural phenomenon at a smaller scale, these blooms have recently mushroomed at an alarming rate, fed by nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen from agricultural fertilisers and sewage.”-James Owen, ”World’s Largest Dead Zone Suffocating Sea,” National Geographic News, March5, 2010