Professor Patrick Stewart, JD POL 200, American Government Final Exam Fall 2020 1) In terms of visibility, list the three branches of govt from highly visible to least visible 2) Why did former Republican President, Theodore Roosevelt attempted to form a third party? 3) Who is a contract lobbyist? 4) During the Constitutional Convention of 1787, New Jersey proposed a new plan for a single-chamber Congress, how was that different from the one from the Articles of Confederation? 5) Why are Third Parties in the U.S. unsuccessful in gaining strength in politics? 6) Who is a legislative liaison? 7) Which president truly set the stage for the broad growth of presidential power? 8) Name four former third parties in the U.S. 9) Explain the term, New Breed of lobbyists 10) Which branch of government did the framers of the Constitution intended to have to most power in America? 11) What is a Political Action Committee? 12) Who was the person that proposed that the president be elected by the electoral college? 13) Briefly explain the difference between a PAC and a 527 group 14) Which Article of the Constitution specifies the minimum age of congresspersons? Explain 15) How many people are the electoral college comprise of? 16) How did The War Powers Resolution clarify presidential authority? 17) Why does the bicameral system established at the Constitutional Convention requires that the two houses pass identical bills/legislation before presenting it to the president 18) How did President Harry Truman go around an enumerated power of Congress? 19) Explain the Equal Proportion Method 20) Explain the term Majority-Minority Districts