Public Information Systems, Government as Platform, and Open Data


From your reading of Sundgren (2005), O’Reilly (2011), Janssen , Charalabidis & Anneke Zuiderwijk (2012) provide some thoughts and insights by answering the questions below.

Your contribution should be around 400 words.

The students are in the Forum Discussions encouraged to provide practical examples.

The questions to answer/discuss:

1. Who are the key actors within Public Information Systems? In your opinion how do they interact? Provide examples of interactions between citizens and governments that you find interesting and state where within these examples lie the contradictions and conflicts of interest?

2. How in your opinion do e-governance and e-democracy address the need to tackle the vulnerability of a society that is increasingly dependent on digitalised information and computerised information systems? See for example the paper by Sundgren (2005)

3. What is in your mind the relationship between Web 2.0 and Government 2.0, see for example the article by O’Reilly?

4. What you understand of the “governance as platform” metaphor?

5. Which concrete examples of the “governance as platform” have you seen (could be at local, regional, national or pan-European level of governance)?

6. What are the limitations – in your view – of the “governance as platform” metaphor?

7. What is your view of open governmental data and the relationships between open data, open governance and government data? [This is not directly connected to any article provided.]

8. Provide your analysis of the five myths surrounding open data and governance. Provide examples from real world contexts, where applicable.