Please base the research paper on the technology of TelenursingWhat Is The Definition Of Telehealth Nursing?The definition of telehealth nursing is thought of as the use of telemedicine and technology to conduct nursing and deliver care in a remote location. This field includes telenursing, telehealth and nursing telepractice, which are all interchangeable terms.Nurses who practice telehealth come from all settings and use technology like web cameras, VOIP, the Internet and telephone lines to deliver care over a long distance. Telehealth care is effective despite being remote. Request a telehealth demo for further insight.Where Do Nurses Practice Telehealth?Telehealth nursing can be done anywhere. Nurses can make use of technology to conduct telehealth sessions in their homes, at doctor’s offices, in prisons, and in clinics and hospitals. Basically, any place where the proper technology is available is a suitable place for telehealth nursing.In emergencies, nurses from around