Windshield survey assignmentConduct a windshield survey of your chosen practicum community.You must complete a thorough observation, visiting the area at least 3 times duringdifferent times of the day. In addition, you must complete an online search forinformation regarding the resources and history of the community. Remember to identifythe name and location of your chosen community at the beginning of your writtenreview.Set up your written paper with the headings listed below. Your overall paper should be5-6 pages in length.1. Who do you see when you drive through the community—women, children,people of varying backgrounds? What do you see–new houses, new industry,abandoned buildings, barriers to movement, and public transportation? Whereare people congregating? Where are there no people? Visit the community atdifferent times of day. Does this community have activity that ends before dark orrather starts after dark? 4 points for observations/4 points for research2. Where are the essential services located in this neighborhood? This includesfaith-based services and buildings (church, mosque, synagogues, or temples),education/ schools, health care, and/or transportation? Are there paved roads,sidewalks, and recreational areas/parks? Are some essential services missingfrom this community? 4 points for observations/4 points for research3. What economic indicators do you observe- a “thriving” community such asstores, employment opportunities, maintenance of the homes and streets, or a“depressed” area such as closed businesses, unoccupied housing, lack of youngfamilies and schools? 4 points for observations/4 points for research4. When did this area become established as a residential community? Is there aunique history to this place that is easily known by visiting the area? Are thererecent immigrants or history of new immigrants to this community? 6 pointsfor research5. What is your overall perception of the community? What strengths/ assets areapparent to you? Are there some possible needs you identify?