This lesson you should begin to understand the dynamics of organization and the factors that impact and create positive outcomes and sustainability. Review the reading in this lesson and then conduct your own external review of what makes an effective organization. Include at least 1 additional resource. Effects of Positive Practices on Organizational Effectiveness from Cameron, K., Mora, C., Leutscher, T., and Calaro, M. G. (2011). The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 47(3), pp.266-308 (7th ed., pp. 1-25).Two paths to organizational effectiveness-Product advantage and life-cycle flexibility from Arnett, D., Sandvik, I., Sandvik, K. (2018) Journal of Business Research, 84, pp. 285-292DeliverablesA 400-word paper that includes at least one APA-formatted reference to material from this lesson.Activity DetailsPerform the following steps:Step 1: Read the assigned reading for this lesson and respond to the following questions: Examining the central questions in: Study 1: “When executives form impressions of the relative effectiveness of business units, is the financial performance the best predictor of these impressions or are positive practices better predictors?”Study 2: “Do changes in positive practices over time produce increases in organizational performance?” If so, “Which practices are the most powerful predictors of effectiveness?”