BRC 108Fall 2020Social Media Presence Analysis Final Paper200 pointsFor this final writing assignment based on social media today, I want you to create a new social media platform. As we’ve briefly discussed, social media is growing rapidly and in five years, what will that next social media “trend” be to attract new users? You will create a social media platform that will engage the new user, while being different from the current platforms, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Some of the aspects and questions to keep in mind while taking part in this presentation can be:∙ What will your social media platform be called? What are your reasons behind this and why will this work, in your assessment?∙ What will this new social media platform consist of to engage the new user?∙ What would the new social media “trends” with your new platform consist of? How will these trends maintain “longevity” with its users? What do you think the lifespan will be with these trends and users?∙ From a societal perspective, how will this new social media platform impact users? What will the main uses be for users of the platform?∙ How will your social media platform stand out from the rest of the current platforms being used today? Why can it succeed toward potential users and within social media in the near future?