Select a healthcare organization to asses. This could be the organization you are currently working for. Write a 5-7 page (1.5 or double spaced-12- font) paper evaluating a healthcare organization from an organizational behavior perspective. Title and reference page do not count in pagination. Use books, articles, the Internet, interviews (i.e., primary or secondary data sources) to answer the following questions:What is the organization’s culture (look at mission, vision, and values)?Has the purpose of the organization shifted over time?Who are the current leaders of the organization and how are they hired/promoted?What traits/skills/behaviors are good/bad for thriving within the organization?Would this organization be a good fit for your skills and values? Why?The paper should be written as a business report, not an essay. Use headers, bullets, (tables, figures or graphs if appropriate), and concise language in your analysis. Instead of (in-text citations, you can use footnotes and then place your citations in the reference section; make sure you continue to format in APA format). Points within the grading rubric:Provides a 360-Degree Assessment of the Organization using strategic thinking principles by examining the organizational lifecycle, how organizations develop over time and how their key tasks and organizational dynamics are shaped by stages. For example: Is this a new startup? A mature organization? One that is struggling with identity after being around for a long time? A company tottering into old age? Includes a SWOT Analysis and considers mission, vision and guiding principles to assess the overall corporate culture and evaluate whether the organization has a positive and compelling future.Describes the Leadership Structure & how Culture Plays a Role in its ContinuationExamines whether this Organization would be a good fit for a career while demonstrating own self-awareness of strengths/limitationsMakes it interesting and is supported by organizational behavior concepts described within the course.Critical analysis is demonstrated through content development and supporting evidence.Organizes Key Thoughts, Uses Professional Grammar & Punctuation