Based on merchandising in your organization and this week’s course content, write a Microsoft Word document. It should be a comprehensive summary (400-500 words) to discuss the following questions:1. Explain how the process of executing good merchandising techniques reinforces brand image and improves sales performance. Address the following merchandising elements in your explanation:Product or service imageryBrand consistencyCustomer expectations regarding merchandising appearance2. Select the best choice for influencing product sales from the following two alternatives. Support your choice with examples and relevant research.Product visuals (photographs) of available offeringsProduct name strips describing available offerings3. Assess display signage and product flow in your business to explain how they work together to make it easy for customers to select and purchase offerings.4. Form conclusions about the effectiveness of showcasing product variety and offering items at different price points to positively influence the customer experience and sales performance.5. What specific merchandise techniques are being used in your business? Explain if the techniques are being used effectively or ineffectively.6. Make and defend two recommendations for changes in design, display, or merchandising practices that would increase organizational sales and/or performance.