1.You are a 13 year old boy named Michael, of Catholic Faith about to be Confirmed. You are the only son of a single mother with 2 younger sisters, Isabella age11, and Gabriella age 6. You have ADHD and are slightly Autistic. You are and A/B student who enjoys playing different sports and watching them on TV or going to games. You have some really nice Friends that you hand out with and like to play Xbox games, Roblox, etc. on the computer, your tablet, and computer as well. You are interested in electronics, like helping others, and want to be as successful as your Mom who has an MBA as well as other degrees: Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Health Sciences: Nursing, Associate in Medical laboratory Technology, Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences, and a Bachelors of Science in Medical Technology. Your Mother was a Nurse for many years, then a Medical Laboratory Scientist in a Hoapital, and now a Program Coordinator II for the State of SC in the Newborn Screening Program for Follow-up Care. You have yet to fully decide what you would like to do career wise in life, but do know that you want to definitely go to college and succeed like your Mom. You have chosen SAINT LUKE as your Confirmation Name. 2.Write at least a 1 Full page essay on Saint Luke (Times New Roman, 14 point, 1.5 spaced) 3.From #1 include the following information: a.Biographical information on Saint Luke: who is he; what did he do; why did Michael chose Saint Luke; what speaks to Michael about who Saint Luke is and or what Saint Luke did; what is most admirable about Saint Luke; how can Praying to Saint Luke help Michael; what can Michael do to be more like Saint Luke in todays time; Please Elaborate and add any kind of insight from a 13 year old boys perspective. b.Make this a VERY PERSONAL writing so to speak, written as if you were Michael! 4.Include a Color Picture of Saint Luke on the cover page!