Respond to ONE of the following two essay questions. See instructions below.1. While contemporary westerners are part of a legacy stretching back at least 2,500 years, we identify most closely with modernity. Yet, we know that modernity took centuries to emerge – but from where? What does our society owe to the late Roman period? How did the middle ages set the stage for modernity? What role did non-western societies play in western development? Utilizing at least eight sources found in Lessons 5 through 7 discuss some of the key intellectual, religious, material, and social origins and characteristics of modernity. How/why is the emergence of modernity around 1500 the culmination of the previous 1000 years?OR2. Part of the study of history is categorizing eras in the past and assigning to them certain characteristics: that’s an element of what we call historicism. chapters 7-14 of book 1.) Cole, Western Civilizations, Brief 4th Ed., Vol. 1. W. W. Norton. ISBN: 9780393614886Or any of the following