– “Why College Is Necessary But Gets You Nowhere” by Robert Reich – “What Is College Good For? (Hint: More Than Just a Job)” by Charles Dorn – “Humanities teach students to think. Where would we be without them?” by Francine Prose – “Not all college majors are created equal” by Michelle Singletary Read the following directions carefully and respond directly to the questions below. Your essay must show that you are familiar with the ideas discussed in the readings listed above and the main Timed Writing text listed below. DIRECTIONS Respond to the prompt below for the article “Why College is Necessary but gets you Nowhere” by Robert Reich. Part 1: In the first part of your exam, analyze the exam reading by Robert Reich. You may paraphrase from the article (Reich says that….) but do not use any direct quotations that take up more than one line. Using what you learned from the articles by Singletary, Prose, Reich, and Dorn, briefly explain what is said today about the purpose of a college education. Do not simply summarize the articles. Introduce the author and title of the Timed Writing text and state Reich’s claim in your own words. Identify Reich’s main points. What reasons and evidence do(es) Reich give to support his claim or claims?