1.Ideas About Music A.Music and the belief system: What part of the brain does music effect for different people? What is music, and what is it supposed to do? B.Aesthetics of music: Does listening to a certain genre of music over time effect ones personal aesthetic? How do different genres of music effect the emotions of different people? C.Contexts for music: Music is found almost everywhere you are. People think differently, ultimately resulting in their brains working differently. D.History of music: When did people first start making music? When was the first study of music on the brain done? 2.Activities Involving Music What do different people like to do while listening to music? What goes into the process of making music? 3.Repertories of Music A.Style: Do certain words or phrases in different genres of music get introduced to ones specific style after being heard often? B.Genres: Rock, Hip-Pop, Blues, Indie, Pop, Electronic. C.Texts: Previous studies of music on the brain. D.Composition: How does music effect a composers brain? How does making music effect the brain differently than listening to music?