Professor’s Instructions:The research project will give you an opportunity to explore the theme of “What makes a language worth saving?”. The topic is left open-ended so that you can apply what we have explored in the course as well as what you have also learned from other courses that might be relevant. The goal of this project is to demonstrate that you are able to make connections beyond linguistics with other disciplines to answer a question which is central to the topic of language revitalization.You can use whichever medium you prefer to undertake the project (video, recorded presentation, written essay, a written story followed by an analysis or explanation, a drawing or painting followed by an analysis or explanation).If you’re submitting a written assignment (story, essay, blog post, reflection), aim for 1500-2500 words. You MUST relate a portion of the assignment to another discipline ex: psychology, business, political science.The assignment will be submitted to Turnitin